Dismantling & Soft Strip

Dismantling & Soft Strip 

Building Dismantling, Soft Strip & Decommissioning  services in  the South West of England.

Soft Strip Demolition

The ‘strip out’ is a specialised term for an area of demolition works as part of the refurbishment of an existing structure that has a suitable outer shell. During these works materials are removed which can include waste streams like furniture, 
carpets and false ceiling tiles as well as products including doors, windows, skirting boards, flooring, kitchens, bathrooms, partitions and even internal walls and floors.
Dismantling service

Dismantling / Decommissioning 

Demolition South West are highly experienced in the careful dismantling of plant, equipment and structures for re-installation and/or disposal, including redundant chimney stacks, industrial / commercial process equipment and site decommissioning. We can provide bespoke dismantling services to best suit your requirements. 
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Our environmental responsibility

Demolition South West have a policy to recycle wherever possible, our ongoing commitment to the protection of the environment has led us to salvage and recycle an average of 95% of the materials produced from our demolition activities. Generous allowances for salvageable materials can often be reflected in the price quoted for our demolition projects.

Reclaimed items are processed and then available at RAGS Southwest 
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Our services are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. For fast-response emergency Demolition in the South West, call 01726 860 093
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